Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday niceness

I keep forgetting to post pics I took while I was on my Thanksgiving vacay!

I ate THE MOST delicious ramen ever at a place called Shin-sen-gumi located in the OC. (wutwut) They let you choose which ingredients to put in and how much! So nice! I like it spicy :D Also this is the first time this type of pork had me going "I WANT MORE!" 

And the wife and I took a stroll down to South Coast Plaza and everything was decorated so cute for the holidays!

 I want this thing in my house *___*

Also a while back I was at Beverly's and they had A MILLION decorated Christmas trees @__@ I would love to decorate a million Christmas trees!!! I took pics of my favorite ones:

Also omg ;3; these ice cream cones!!! I want them sooo bad!

I love my tree so much....I KEEP IT UP ALL YEAR ROUND. It just sits a top my entertainment center. bringing me joy all year round!

Also I've been hand sewing a lot and made this little guy for the boyfriend :)

And here are things I've been making! Unicorn headbands! So you can be a unicorn too :D

Stuffed unicorn dolls hand-sewn by me! I've been having a lot of fun making these! My friend bought her ;o; so now she will have a home! Porcina the pigacorn:
And Margarita:

Holiday stickers! :)

2012 Calendar :D I only have 2 available!

Thats all folks! : ) Hope you all have a wonderful winter! xoxo