Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of art & treasuries

Haven't made a blog post in awhile D: ugh nothing to really blog about! But I gathered up some of my art that I've done lately as well as a few Etsy treasuries I've made and 1 Juliette :) So hope you enjoy!

Here are some digital things I've done recently:
Unicorn hair :)

Bird decorations

Gothicorn inspired by YumeNinja! Soon to be Jewelry!

I also painted the lovely Bei :) as a mermaid!

And some traditional media stuff:

Another gothicorn painted with acrylics, sharpie poster paint markers and then decorated with little heart grafitti! Yume bought it from me because shes GREAT ;3;

I did this one a very long time ago and then added and changed some things! She has gold star stickers on the background and is also done with acrylics & sharpie poster paint! Shes for sale in my Etsy shop :)

I also finally painted one of my Tamos that I ordered a couple of years ago! Pretty proud of her :) Shes also available in my Etsy shop!

Also I made a few treasuries on Etsy inspired by my friends. Basically "these things make me think of you"

This one if based off of my friend Mary:

And this is based off of my best friend Emilie:

And this is pretty self explanatory ;)

I made this because Zwzzy wanted jewelry to go good with a dress she was selling so I made a treasury for her :)

Anddddd last but not least a picture of poor neglected Juliette!

I also have a ton of new stuff available in my Etsy shop so please have a look see :D AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS haha xD