Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going to have fun! BRB!

Fanime is THIS Friday! I leave Thursday to have a day to relax and get anything left done. And to eat something very delicious. La Vics or Pizza my Heart...I haven't decided!!! oh and to pick up our badges. Anyways! I've been pretty busy putting together merchandise and getting everything ready. No time for Juliettes and blog updates :(

But here is a pic of my suitcase full to the brim!

I also ordered more charms:

A charm design I want to make :3 still needs editing!

And I cel shaded this image for my friend. She did EVERYTHING. I only did a layer with shading and the background. She did the gradients,line art, blush, etc. You can find more of her fabulous art here: http://setsuna22.deviantart.com Shes going to be sitting next to my table selling her stuff too! Come say hi to us :D LOOK FOR THIS IMAGE!!

I have a video too on a book my best friend bought me a couple years ago that I filled with sketches and things :)

See you guys next month :D