Thursday, March 18, 2010

Buttons and beans!

Well I have been very busy so I'm sorry for the lack of updates! But anyways.

My friend Ashley sent me some buttons in the mail awhile ago just to be sweet:

Haha I love the tripped out on drugs hello kitty x3 And isn't the border of the note pretty? Shes so thoughtful!

And then I ordered some buttons! They aren't as pretty as the actual image. But thats my fault for not working in CYMK. All printers hate pink and it makes me sad. But I still like how they came out!! And they were cheap too!

Also I bought this book when I went to Kinokuniya the other week:

I fucking love Mameshiba. I saw another book there with sewing crafts with Mameshiba too so I got inspired to make this. I'm so sad I didn't buy it tho. Because I liked it better than the bento box one.

And a picture I did the other day! I will probably be drawing her again :)

Also I got a tumblr! :D Go here: