Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jpop summit 2011

So my pal Liz asked if I'd help her out at her booth during Jpop summit in San Fran this last weekend :) I said UHMM OF COURSE. I had a lot of fun and I'm very happy that her booth did well! Also she was sharing a booth with super talented Locketship! And the girls came to man her booth! They were very lovely booth buddies! :) Its always nice seeing everyone! And Miss Kika did the art for the mermaid collection! I got to see everything up close and personal. *__* Its all so pretty! I didn't get any good camera shots but everything is on Locketships site for you to check out! (And buy cough cough)

Liz's booth the first day! I had my camera set to "blue" because when I take pics of pink things everything looks burned out. BUT it was gloomy that day too :( So the photos came out super duper blue! I had a hard time editing everything....sob

Man there was this gross stupid fat thing holding the tents up and it made us both so unhappy.

Liz's hot pants and tutus!

Pretty dresses!

Me creepin on Bebe and Stephie ;)

Stephie watching over the Locketship merch! :D

Adorable Irene and Steph! I love Stephs skirt sooooo much.

Tess being adorable LIKE USUAL

Twinkiechan :D She bought a cute hat!

Amy stopped by to be supportive and awesome and cute.

utoh! Up draft! (Kevin needed to catch the sweet moment)

For dinner Liz and I had Korean BBQ inside the mall. I'd always eyeball it and finally decided it was time to eat it. And it was great!

These were the most delicious mushrooms ever!!!


For dessert we shared this thing and I didn't know it was going to be this huge....

Liz's booth day 2! Amy picked her clothes clean the day before! (because shes mother Teresa)

Close up!

Bebe watching over the booth :D (And stephie being a creeper)

Liz bought this cute shirt from Baby!

Amy came by again wearing one of my bows that I sent her ; ;

Here she is poking it.

Stephie wearing an ADORABLE outfit!!!!

And Stephie being a peeker

They were sitting right across from my view. How could I not snap creeper photos?

bebe bought one of the cute hair clips Liz had available so I snapped a photo! :D

The girls! (sadly Irene and Steph weren't there that day)

I drew some doodles that day too! I didn't have an eraser so when I got home I refined them a bit :)




Liz got me this cute bag from Daiso ;3; so sweet! I love it so much. The colors!!!!!!

And Liz gave me one of her tutus for helping her out! :D I love it SOO much! I wore it out the very next day!

The next day I went and had lunch with my Ajababycakes one last time before she has to go back up to Oregon.

I got her this bag from Black peace now because EVERYTHING WAS 50% OFF!!!!

Me trying to get a good shot of my outfit

Aja looked so cute and classy *u*

I made her try on the apron I made for her to see if it needed adjustments!

And I also made her try on this top I made XD It is...too small.....

And now I'm going to be a hermit for the next couple of months. GOODBYES!